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Herve was a friend to my cousin. He knew me but I didn’t know him. He would invite my cousin for a drink every evening not because he loves drinking, but because he wanted Concorde (my cousin) to tell him about me. But Concorde didn’t know what his intentions were.

That time i lived with my cousins including Concorde, so after his drinks with Herve, he would come home and tell me ‘’we again talked about you’’ and I would ask ‘’who is that Herve?’’. One evening, as they usually met, Concorde received a call from Herve and told him ‘’Concorde, this time please invite Claudia and don’t leave her home alone’’. I was like, why not? Let me hang out with them. So, I went to this bar, and as I was approaching, I saw a very light man, he looked older than Concorde and his eyes could not fix me.

He stood (not looking at me still), and shook my hand and I said ‘’so are you the one who always talk about me with Concorde?’’ this time he looked at me and smiled. My heart started beating in a very strange way. What I felt that day was very new to me. We sat, had a few drinks and some brochettes, he paid and he dropped us home. Since that day, I could not stand not meeting him or talking to me on phone. He would call to find out how my night was, if I had my lunch or of I am about to sleep at night. His voice would take all my worries away and I would feel like he cares much about me. His evenings with Concorde started being replaced by dinners with me alone, or walking together.

Surprisingly, I started liking his best hobby which was playing football with his friends. I started going to assist their matches every Sundays. My friends and my family could really wonder what was going on in my life. After a few months, we were at my home and my cousins were teasing him (as my whole family had now known him) and they asked ‘’what do you find in Claudia?’’ he said this ‘’I love her because I know her’’. We all did not understand but we left it there.

One year after, he went to Dubai for work, and I also went to Gisenyi (from Kigali), to visit my aunt. When he came back, I was not around so he called me and told me he had brought some chocolates. I said ‘’ooh, I wish I were there because I love chocolates’’. He said ‘’do you want me to bring them to you? And I was like ‘’yeah right! You can’t come all the way for that’’. Before end of the day, around 5pm, Herve called me and said ‘’Punyu, please tell me where you are exactly because I sent someone to give you the chocolates.’’ I gave him directions, and a few minutes later, it was Herve in a cab with a white bag. That day, deep down in my heart, I was convinced that, that guy loved me.

After a few days, I had to tell him my horrible past, what I went through, how I lost my whole family in genocide and all the problems I went through because of being an orphan. He listened to me as I was crying loudly and he told me to stop and listen to him. He said that, despite all things that exist in this world, that him being with me is the only thing that can make him feel complete. And he asked ‘’If I asked you to marry me, would you accept?’’ I hesitated because I didn’t know if it was the right time to respond to that. He accompanied me home and he returned to his place.
Herve’s best character was his way of respecting me.

I had never known that before in my previous relationships. He could listen to me talk for hours, and he would pay so much attention and nothing I said would escape him. He would say sorry even when I am the one who has wronged him so that we don’t fight. He would tell me that he is scared of losing me and I loved that; because it showed me that I am important to him.

One Saturday, he invited me for lunch (which he cooked), and after eating, he knelt down and proposed to me. Oh my God, that was the best day of my life. It didn’t event take me a minute to think about it, I just said YES.
Since then, we were engaged and started preparing our wedding. We had a small but beautiful wedding, with our families and friends.

Herve and I are married for three years now, we have two sons Roy and Yuri. He has never changed since I met him and because of that, I am a true testimony that love really exists. We do argue sometimes, I get very angry at him but the amazing part of this is that he always apologizes to me so that the argument stops.Herve makes me feel loved everyday because of the way he treats me. He loves our children to death and he gets along with my family. My friends became his friends, he goes to church with me and he cannot go for a drink with his friends if he has not asked me if I want to go with him.

When we got married, I asked him ‘’when my cousins asked you why you love me and you said it is because you know me, what did that mean?’’. He replied ‘’ I knew you before my drinks with Concorde. I knew that beautiful girl who became an orphan at 11 years and who was very kind despite her past’’.



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