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...is this a real human being or some ghost or alien!? I sluggishly whispered to a colleague like a tremor patient when I saw this superb girl.

It was on 11/01/2010, the first day at the University (UR) early in the morning, when everyone was excited. When I went in another room to pick a chair with Francis, my friend, I opened a door without noticing someone was closer.

The door tangentially blew her file and it fell down. Without knowing whose file it was, I rushed down on the floor to get it and before I looked up to apologize for the mess, my eyes got stuck. Curved hips, shinning eyes, stunning dress, name it! I stared at her for seconds and Francis shook my back and I kind regained my senses back.

“I’m so sorry madam…” I weakly apologized. “…it wasn’t your fault…it’s fine…” she replied with a killer smile. When we reached our ghetto, where I, Francis and Nathan lived in the suburbs (Gikondo), I felt so ashamed of what happened to me as I had resolved never to fall for any girl in my life until I graduate. I had never been in love in my life.

Next day, it was school again and studies continued as usual. Days went on before I saw Mrs. Ghost, if I may call, as freshers were divided in three groups so she possibly was in a different group. I carried on with studies. When semester two commenced, results for the first semester were published with me being ranked on top of the entire promotion of over 1,000 students, 10% ahead of the 2nd. I become a super star, everyone wanted to see, know, befriend me etc.

I started discussing courses to few friends who had succeeded befriending me. In one week, I had to start discussing in the Big Auditorium as everyone wanted to learn from me. One day I decided to hide in a corner to revise by myself, a seemingly soft hand touched my back and only to turn was Mrs. Ghost. With an angel smile, she says “Hi, my name is Caroline…call me Carol, nice to meet you again…” I breathed in and out twice and replied, “Hello, mine is James, nice meeting you Carol…” After around 4 minutes-cool-chat, Carol echoed to me like a morning-singing-bird “…bye dear Jamesssss…” Of all things, Carol said she admired me and requested me to help with studies if I didn’t mind.

Did I have energy to refute? I tried to spare some time for her but I kept in mind that I will never fall for her no matter what. I could just stand up and go home every time we finished revision leaving her with no opportunity to know me more.

In our second year, Caroline and I had become close friends. She was so lovely, lively, charming, and adorable, and every guy admired her. One day, it was a Saturday and I was having a “kawunga and beans” lunch in the ghetto. “Totototo” someone knocks on the door, “enter jama…” I carelessly answered. Guess who! It’s fabulous Caroline! Honestly, I nearly fainted down but calmed myself and welcomed her (my heart…pupupupu). “How did you know here?” I asked, “A friend helped…” Carol softly answers.

When I attempted cleaning the table of my poor lunch, she insisted that she wanted to share with me. When I wanted to buy her soda, she resisted. Carol was from a very rich family and to my surprise she ate “kawunga.” Anyway, I had borrowed a chair from neighbors for her as we had none.

After the lunch, I rushed to pick handouts from my room so we can study. “Moses, who told you I came to study?” Carol asks (folding her face). “I’m sorry…” I apologized (shy) and I sat down at a distance. After 5-hours-chat, “…ohh it’s late dear, I’ve got to go”, before I replied she adds “look at my boyfriend, Shema” she shows me a picture in her phone. Immediately, my eyes turned red, inhaled so fast, I couldn’t help.

Before I opened my mouth, she hugs me and gives me a deadly peck. I escorted her to the road, boarded a bike and I went back home, that night ended without a single sleep…not even a nap. I was in real love but made peace with my mind as it became clear to me that Carol had a boyfriend anyway.

A few weeks later, Carol asked me for an outing so I meet Shema, her boyfriend. I first felt like I should decline her request but later thought it could harm our friendship. The awaited day came; I borrowed a classy jean, flawing shirt, and timberland shoes from Francis and two other friends as mine were shabby.

At 6pm, I was at the hotel where she had directed me. When I entered, a good-looking Waiter came by and asked “…are you Mr. James, sir?” “Yeaeaehs”, I replied in surprise. “Follow me, sir…” She took me to a small-quiet-extremely-romantically-designed room.

There was no Carol, nor her boyfriend but flowers and some snacks and drinks on the table. Before, I texted her, the phone vibrates, “…sorry dear will be there soon…” the message read. In about 30 minutes, someone gently opens and enters…it was gorgeous Carol alone. “Bzu…” she pecked me as usual.

Me: Where’s Shema?
Carol: He’s approaching,
Me : Okay…
Carol: I’m so sorry my Dad delayed me,
Me: It’s fine.

We had a tender conversation and it was getting late. “Your boyfriend is not punctual” I gently lamented. “Nope…he isn’t…he’s here with me…” she quietly replied with a flawing smile. “Where?” I astonishingly asked, “Look”…she opens her phone. OMG! It was me…me…and me!!!!

She tightly hugs me and cries and after a few minutes, she says “James, I’m so sorry I lied to you but I have no other boyfriend but you. HAPPY?? Now, we’ve been together for three years and 3/11/2016, we are tying the knot.



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