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Distance and life struggle meant nothing as I was faithfully waiting for the love of my life. Love made me the strongest woman and the happiest one.

When I started University, I was that girl with a lot of focus, who liked to spend much time on her studies and few times in having fun, though I had two main things I was passionate about. Swimming and dancing. I was part of one of the dancing troop, and i loved the cultural dance (Amaraba) because it was all about doing something you love, spreading positivity, smiling and having fun.

Once in a while, the boys’ team was performing and their coach was in the middle to dance as a model to them. I do not know how it happened; I had no control of what I was thinking or why my eyes were just looking at him in a team of 12 boys. Was it probably because of that smile? Or the best moves that he had of all boys? I don’t know. All I know is that my heart was full of appreciations and I could not take off my eyes from that handsome man. At the end of practices I said goodbye to everyone, and I went back home.

In my bed… the face, the smile, and all the gentleness he had was still fresh in my mind.

Next days, the nature made it for me; he called so many times and requested that I should never go out of the hall without saying good night to him. Day after day, he pulled me close to him at the extent that every time after practices we used to find each other and hug and talk for a short time and then say good night. He started to call me for good night and good morning, and I was sure that I was finding a best friend in life too.

Surprisingly, he invited me for an evening walk. It was my first time hearing that. I had so many invitations to go out, to share pizzas or coffee, but then a walk, it was new. Without hesitating, I just said YES. The day arrived, I dressed up appropriately, I went to meet him. We met at La Gardienne supermarket as he had instructed. We entered and he told me to take a drink and any snack that I can comfortably take on ma way. I took a juice and some cookies.

He took me at a place that I have never been, we sat down in kind of paved corridor and we consumed our snacks while sharing stories and our backgrounds. It was an informal hangout, but then so unique and romantic. It was like 10 PM when we stood up and started walking slowly. Amazing to walk in Kiyovu roads, without cars, but just a lot of silence and fresh air. While holding my hand, he told that he will go for masters in Kenya in the upcoming January. By then, I was in November. So sad to hear that…I said.

In the middle of our way, he looked in my eyes and fixed me… he took his time and whispered, I love you little angel. I was lost, confused, surprised, happy and I didn’t know what to answer, But I answered honestly this way… Thank you Bae… I do not know what you gave to my heart, but I have special feelings for you too. I said in French “Je t’adore”. We hugged each other tightly and he took me home.

Day after day, I felt in love with all that he was. He was humble, kind and caring . He told me that in life we cannot find perfect partners, but that perfection can be built if people choose to.

January came and he had to go school… He invited me again for a picnic at JURU Park. We had fun climbing the Rebero hill together. Once there, we had fun, but then he had to say goodbye.
This is what he told me: Darling, I am going, but I am not leaving you. Please wait for me, as I am going to build a life for me and you. You have been a blessing and I saw strength in you. I believe you are different; you are stronger than you know. Let the memories you have from me be enough to feed you when I will be gone. I will not take long because I know we already miss each before I go. Be wise, work hard, stay focused and stay mine. I promise you to be faithful too and know that I trust you enough. Do not break my heart. I love you.
He held me tightly and gave me a front kiss.

Trials, temptations, and life struggles started knocking on my door. My family knew about the relationship and they exposed to me a man who was a good friend of my aunt. He was rich and really polite, but I had a promise. I had hard times with my family, they started saying that I am missing respect to them, but I honestly told them that I was engaged. I humbled myself for one year, deep inside I knew that I was not missing respect to them, but then hurting someone or going for that man Blaise just because he was a recommendation was not possible.

I waited one year until my darling was back and we started building our life together. One year of distance love proved to me that love can wait, love can be patient, and true love never fails.

I faithfully loved him and now we are blessed and back together. I explained to my aunt my reasons and I was able to show respect and convince her.

Love can be what you want it to be. For us, we choose our love to be a good experience of fighting together and standing for each other.



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