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Me a normal woman nothing really special on me,I had a super cool family and me being the last born , I had the attention of the whole family making sure I had everything I needed.

I grew up just as innocent as anyone could be, and I believed in true love. Even if my life was an amazing one I always had a feeling of "who I am for real “I wanted to know my true self, where I fitted like the career to take, all I knew was that I wanted to be that type of person whose actions, words and values always agree with each other. But not a clue on how.

Let we step to my life love story

Me that innocent woman I studied in a nun school for all my six years of high school and it was a single school though. I had my first boy friend in my first year of college, for real it was a disaster I didn’t know anything about love, I couldn’t open up myself to him., I could see couples around the campus who seemed absolutely in love but us?we ended up breaking in the best way possible no hard feelings at all. And I started to date guys for just few days, I couldn’t commit I was like the romance in movies is fake. But one day my life changed.

I met a guy ,he took me to another path, they guy started with a high speed I could say, calls,texts,taking me out,.. and me seeing everything he was doing for me I couldn’t help falling for him,I gave him all I had , I was happy but after a while he changed, he started to be busy ,breaking promises,lying to me ,cheating and treating me as trash, I started to run after him,doing all I can to show him love and wanted to know what I ever done to make him treat me that way.I hated myself ,I could feel and see that we don’t a future together but couldn’t stop loving him deeply.

Dear readers he did broke my heart, he broke me at a point of feeling hopeless and depressed. Then one day he me told that I love him so much that I will never let him go. That sentence was the one that broke the walls.I said bye, never looked back again. It was pretty hard but I made it, and I decided to not have another boyfriend for like years. I wanted to take my time and enjoy my life to the fullest. I hated boys.

Guess what I had a friend of mine just as simple as that. He started to try dating me. I warned him that I was unavailable ,that I was still healing from the wounds of my ex,but he stayed as a best friend and sometimes he could bring that love affair back and me I was like it’s not going to happen sir. But he stayed. Once again he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said no but I felt bad I was like why? He showed me that he really needs me in his life . I was like dear God please bring him back let him ask me again and he did and I said yes .
But I knew that I won’t spend much time on him, if I see that it’s not really working between us, I promised to never hurt myself again. For real I wasn’t expecting much. But God he proved me wrong, the guy showed me love the simplest, slimmest, finest, effortless, best way possible, with time our relationship grew nonstop, I tested love from the source, found the direction of my life, I now know who I am, I love myself, and I found out why my late relationship was a mess I was the one who did it.i lived someone else’s life, I mistaken addiction to love.

I no longer regret I accepted it as an experience that was supposed to happen so to be who I am now, I believe in true love again. We have the best relationship ever, we believe in us no matter what. He makes me feel special and I do too in a very natural way without trying hard at all. I am myself around him, I don’t hide anything, we live in a free world, even if we have a disagreement we can’t end our conversation without saying I love you and meaning it. Communication is really part of our strength. I feel his love, sometimes before I thought it was a dream, I love him to the moon and back, I love him unconditionally.

Dear readers true love exist, happiness exist, even if you are are or have been at the lowest point of your life ,believe me there is still hope, just know that you are the only one responsible of your happiness, be yourself ,don’t let others opinions on you ruin your life, just do what is right. Especially us woman don’t think that a man is all you need; he’s just part of your needs but not all of them. There is someone somewhere waiting to make you feel special. Be confident, be descent, free your mind and make sure you know what you want so to not always took the wrong path and choose the wrong persons.

See the real values of things, and appreciate what you have .work as hard as you can and never let your past control your present take it as a lesson that you learned from. Move forward, be positive, it’s hard to understand and you can’t do it over one night, step by step. Whatever happens there is a reason why just be the best version of yourself. I learned to love myself so I know how to love another person. I am living my dream. And you can too.



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